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Growl is a cool tool for Mac OS X that provides notifications when an application needs your attention. If you start using Growl, you will probably find that you become totally dependent on it...

...and then you will be sad that a few of your favourite apps don't support it.

GrowlCode adds Growl support to Apple's Xcode development environment. It provides notifications for:

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The current stable version is 2.0. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and recent versions of Xcode (from 2.4 up to 3.1.3).

The current beta version is 2.2beta. It is compatible with Xcode 3.2+ on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). NB This version requires SIMBL to be installed on your system.

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You'll also need SIMBL and Growl.

Installation instructions (version 2.2+)

Mount the disk image, and double-click 'GrowlCode.pkg'. You'll also need to install SIMBL.

Removal instructions

Mount the disk image, and double-click 'Uninstall GrowlCode'.

Alternatively, you can manually delete GrowlCode or GrowlCode.bundle from the directories /Library/InputManagers/, ~/Library/InputManagers/, /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/ and ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/.

Contact & Donations

Bug reports, suggestions, etc to bdeb at willmore dot eu. If you like GrowlCode, please consider donating a few dollars. Donations are greatly appreciated!